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My TESStimony Paperback Book


My TESStimony Paperback Book 00004

With this book it is my goal to motivate and to inspire those who look like me and to help them realize that no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome with your personal TESStimony! What I want others to gain from reading my journey is the pursuit of hope. Even the most affluent need hope, because there is always something inside that makes us feel bad and we can all identify with feeling bad.

My definition of hope is something you strive for, synonymous with faith. Something you must ask for not and it’s not something that is sways naturally given. Through prayer and belief in God, this book is not to condone sins or to sustain negative behavior but for spiritual growth and manifestation. For lack of a better expression "come out" healed, restored and redeemed. Not just therapy for me, but for anyone who reads this diary. I've gone through things I can't understand even now but I was chosen because I've been chosen to be used by God. I knew there had to be a calling on my life because I have been under the attack of Satan for some time now. He gets no glory or praise, but I understand that I am chosen and I must follow God’s will.

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